Who is Joséphine de Bonbonnière?
Working at the office during working days as a project assistant. I like my job, but I also need to be creative in another way. So, I am not a fulltime mad hatter, but a passionate vintage hatlover though. Further I am a candy girl at Burlesque Circus and volunteer at the Animal Wellfare to help frogs during migration. And love to go to rock/metal concerts  ;-). So, now on to the hats!


Welcome in Vitrine Joséphine, my nostalgic glamorous dream; my handmade hats!

Hats ravissants for spunky femmes fatales amusantes!

Because I love Burlesque (Dita von Teese..!), the 40’s style, but also metal/gothic music, I will combine sensuality and dark sphere in my designs. 

Signature Vitrine Joséphine: simple daily wearable little hats in dark colours, often in felt, velvet or fake fur, with a touch of femme fatale!

Signature hats:
Fascinator hat ‘alpino’, hat ‘Flight attendant’ and ‘Teardrop’.
And I am collecting hat blocks for more  😉

Special thanks to my teacher Marga van den Bos from Hoofdzaak Hoeden in Amsterdam. She is such a nice and humorous person and a very high skilled teacher.

The name Vitrine Joséphine is in honour of my parents who unfortunately passed away. Further many many thanks to my super husband Jos for his support.

I hope that this blog will be an inspiration to follow your passion, no matter what! And more people will wear hats, because the street scene could be more inspiring.

Are you interested? Please send me a personal message by Facebook or by email: info@vitrinejosephine.nl. I don’t work on commission at the moment, it’s now ‘wysiwyg’.

Further, I am planning to launch a gentlemens label soon: ‘Joseph by Vitrine Joséphine’. Please follow and like my Facebook page: Vitrine Joséphine Hoeden.

Enjoy and thank you so much!

ChapeauXXX, Joséphine de Bonbonnière


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