Badass Black ~ by Mickael Björn


Photo: Mickael Björn
Model, MUA, styling and hat: me 😉



20th March, book signing ‘Your beauty mark’

That Sunday Dita organized a book signing of ‘Your beauty mark’ in the Crazy Horse. Was very nervous of course (look at me, hahaha), but she was very calm and friendly and I gave her my hat ‘La Larme Noire de Dita’. I don’t expect her to wear it, hence all her luggage she had to take again to LA  ;-).
I cherish this special moment and photo (thanks honey!) meeting my all time favourite glamour queen  <3. Oh, and her outfit   <3. You have to get her book; it’s brilliant and funny.

I am wearing ‘l’Alpino Rouge’ by VJ.